Webifi Error Codes


Value Description
0 No error/Success
1 Unknown error (Server could be restarting, network error, …)
2 Data could not be sent to one or more recipients
3 Invalid data received from server, please restart service
4 New set of networks to which device is listening was set
5 Not all of the networks to which device is listening was set
6 No data specified. Please send data.
7 Protocol error
8 Invalid connect name or password
9 Buffer full
10 Cannot set connect name or password after service has started
11 Server Error
12 Invalid/expired id
13 User does not exist
14 WebSocket connection not authenticated yet
15 Download request cancelled by user
16 No data available
17 Could not create XMLhttpRequest object (Javascript)
18 Multiple download requests made with the same session ID. Request a new session ID or restart download.
19 Failed to cancel download request
20 Could not establish connection to website
21 Service has been stopped
22 Connection not started yet. Call StartService
23 Server not found
24 Download timeout was adjusted because a minimum download time delay was calculated
25 User not logged in
26 ID not valid
27 Connect name already exists
28 Network name already exists for user
29 Maximum number of networks for subscription reached